It is not surprising that many have lost track of the twists and turns of the various explanation of the 1MDB scandal; especially as a result of the appalling excuses produced by BN Strategic Comms Minister MP Rahman Dahlan.

As the twists involve infringements of the duties and powers of investigative and prosecuting agencies in the country – there is no denying the detrimental nature of the Prime Minister’s actions on our Parliamentary Democracy.

Regardless, previous episodes involving arrests of MACC officers, including the shocking transfer and counter transfer of 2 senior officers are clearly done in bad faith.
Worse, from the horse’s mouth -Minister Rahman Dahlan has now confirmed the Prime Minister’s involvement in obstructing a criminal investigations involving himself.

As stated through the now infamous interview with The Star, Minister MP Kota Belud and BN Strategic Communications Director Abdul Rahman Dahlan said, “Given that scenario what would you do? You would take drastic action wouldn’t you? ‘Okay take these people out first so that things will get back to normalcy and see what will happen next’.

“If you could appreciate that scenario then you would understand the flurry of action taken by the PM.”

Rahman’s answer contradicts the current AG, Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi’s Ali claim that the charge sheet was not authentic. Who is lying now?

Selangor Chief Minister, YAB Tuan Azmin Ali has said that “To my mind, such an interference may amount to criminal acts both under the Penal Code and the MACC Act (Section 186 and Section 48 respectively)”.
To this can added a potential infringement of section 23(1) of the MACC Act which prohibits use of office or position for any gratification.

Back in 1999, in a trial which was condemned by the the International Commission of Jurists’ , Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim was found guilty, on four charges of corruption according to Section 2 of the Emergency (Essential Powers) Ordinance No. 22 of 1970 at the High Court of Malaya at Wilayah Persekutuan, for allegedly interfering with police investigations that involved him at the time.

Rahman Dahlan statement on how the Prime Minister deliberately stopped the charges from being filed is clear abuse of power, much in the same vein as the charges against Dato’ Sri Anwar back in 1999. Clearly an arrest must be made to demonstrate that  our agencies are not pliable by the desires of some Emperor like PM.

A scandal this large is currently causing our economy to spiral to the bottom. Just last week, at least RM11 billion worth of foreign investment was taken out from this country. Foreign investors are losing confidence in the leadership of Malaysia.

These continuous obstructions of justice must stop.  An immediate investigation into obstruction and interference arising from the charge sheet revelation must commence; nothing else can to salvage the credibility of the authorities and restore public confidence.