In July 2015, Technology blogger Keith Rozario alleged Prime Minister’s Department and MACC have procured spyware from The Hacking Team. Last week he has shown proofs of purchase between Shah Alam-based company Miliserv Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd and Hacking Team in September 2013 and July 2014. Minister Azalina Othman representing PMD has again denied that Putrajaya has bought spyware. She was quoted saying “For your information, no such device was purchased by the Prime Minister’s Department”.


Today, I want to reveal the parliament reply from minister YB Senator Paul Low’s who represents MACC. In the November parliament, I asked “Has MACC ever sought services from Miliserv Technologies from Shah Alam. How much was the contract.”


The minister replied: “ MACC will always empower logistical and technological need to enhance the capacity and capability of MACC’s operation in its fight against corruption that is increasingly complex and syndicated. These include getting latest and suitable technical and operation equipments from any company including Miliserv Technologies. However, MACC cannot reveal further details due to MACC’s operation interests.


I congratulate Minister Paul Low for honestly admitting MACC has procured services from Miliserv Technologies. Therefore one out of two government agencies, which was alleged to have sought services from Miliserv Technologies, is now confirmed. The other alleged government agency is Jabatan Perdana Menteri. Will PMD have the courage and honesty to admit just like MACC?


With more proofs coming out to confirm allegations from Keith Rozario, it is important for Prime Minister’s Department to seriously answer whether they have bought spyware from The Hacking Team. If so, does PMD have the authority or power (under which laws) to use the spyware.


Minister Azalina should also answer allegations that Miliserv infected political documents such as “Pengundi asing” (Foreign voters), “Dakwat kekal” or Indelible Ink at the height of GE13. These raise questions whether did a private company involved into spying Malaysian citizens during GE13? If it is true, is it a threat to parliament democracy? Has the authority launched any investigation?


Sim Tze Tzin

Strategic Director of KEADILAN

MP for Bayan Baru