In the last parliament session, I asked the Government how much allocation that was given to Persatuan Seni Silat Kebangsaan (PESAKA) for the last five years. State the programs and how much was allocated.


The minister replied:

PESAKA has received RM 2,915,067.00 from 2010 to 2014 for “program latihan atlet elit dan pelapis serta penganjuran kejohanan kebangsaan”.






I was shocked by the revelation by the minister. The information given by the minister was short and not much information was revealed. However, he has confirmed long suspicion that the Government has been funding divisive groups like PESAKA.


This is not the first time the Government has helped racist groups. In march 2014 parliament session, I asked the government whether they have aided PERKASA. Minister Shahidan Kassim admitted given PERKASA “a little allocation” but refused to reveal how much. Read here:


I urge the Government to stop promoting 1Malaysia and moderation at the same time funding racist groups. The government must walk the talk of true moderation. The rakyat, especially Sarawakian voters, will see through the double standards practised by the UMNO/BN government.


While the minister might justify they funded PESAKA for ahletic activities, the minister must justify why almost RM3 million for 5 years or equavalent of RM600,000 every year was given. The allocation was considered high because many sports and ahletic clubs could not get such allocations. Why was PESAKA given such special treatment?


Since PESAKA was involved in organising divisive September 16 red shirt rally this year, I urge the minister to answer whether the ministry has funded PESAKA in 2015 and how much. I also urge the Minister to start investigating into how PESAKA used government funding including the previous RM3 million. Are they using the funding for ahtletic activities or political activities? It is the taxpayers’ money and we must hold these organizations accountable.


Earlier, deputy minister M Savaranan has confirmed sending letter to ask PESAKA for explanation. I now urge Minister Khairy to reveal the explanation by PESAKA and findings from KBS to the public.


We hope Minister Khairy walk the talk of moderation and stop funding organizations that promote racist agendas that divide the country



Sim Tze Tzin

Strategic Director of KEADILAN

MP for Bayan Baru